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Tomb-Wights are one of Dominus D Tenebris' main soldiers in his war against Sorcerers. They were granted to him by Death and are made of ShadowStuff.


Standard Tomb-Wights have unprinted black legs, representative of their ShadowStuff. Their torsos are black and printed with a purple-blue sash and shiny silver ribs representing the cages that hold their substance together. Their heads have ore silver printing on them, as well as an angry and grinning face with 2 malevolent red eyes.
Tomb-Wight Commanders are identical to Tomb-Wights except for the fact that the purple sash goes all the way down the left leg.


Tomb-Wights are some of Dominus' most important soldiers, as they can hold long term sieges and have a number of capabilities. Tomb-Wights were granted to Dominus by Death, and are used for long term sieges, such as the [[Custom:Siege of Marias Ithilien|siege of Marias Ithilien, or the campaign of the Blood Mountains, where they blocked passages between mountains, slowing Ensorcers down and allowing Reapers and Voors to attack from above. As with all the Death-granted soldiers, they dissipated into thin air when Dominus died.

==Powers and Abilities==
Normal Timeline
Tomb-Wights are very powerful and strange soldiers, they are made of pure liquid ShadowStuff, therefore, they are encased in wire frames of Elastron(if thes frames are cut in many places, the Tomb-Wight will simply ooze into a puddle, but it can still eat people who step on it) to keep their form. For the same reason, Tomb-Wights do not walk, rather they slide and stretch, becoming short, thin and long, before drawing themselves up to their full height. As soldiers of Death, when they attack an enemy, their bodies split open and suck their enemies in, making them temporarily slower and mo lethargic. Another ability of theirs is that they can enter animals bodies, though it is best to use larger animals(i.e horses or bears) due to their evil slowly killing the animal. To enter the animal, they prick the animal in a vial artery, and they are sucked in. The animal will then turn completely black, with red eyes. Out of the animal's back, the upper body of the Wight will sprout out. Tomb-Wights are also tied to Tombstones, and if their Tombstone is destroyed, they will vanish. It should also be noted that they cannot travel far from their Tombstones, except in an animals body.

Alternate Future
In the alternate future, Tomb-Wights are mostly the same, but due to their strengthening, they have 2 new abilities: They can make their Tombstone sprout out of anywhere in the ground(thus lessening their mobility issues) and they can throw globs of shadow that will damage armor.

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