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Draygonius Darius Drygonius, better known as Triple D was a sorcerer in the service of Dominus D Tenebris, and was his prime lieutenant. It was later revealed that he was brainwashed into service, and joined the protagonists later.

Description Edit

Triple D has blue legs, with some red printing representing a coat, while the upper body has red arms, blue coat printing and a red shirt printed on it. His headpiece has 2 faces, one with a furious expression and a salt and pepper beard, while the other has a calmer, more reasonable face. His hair is long and jet black.

Background Edit

Triple D was born in the sorcerer capital of Norloch, and grew up as a powerful sorcerer. He passed his trials of initiation, and became a promising student in the High Academy of Scholoros(as a war strategist), however, he was won over by Dominus, who was said to be extremely charismatic. When Dominus turned to the Heralds of Death, Triple D began losing faith in Dominus, and - out of fear - Dominus brainwashed Triple D into becoming a loyal soldier.

As the war accelerated and increased in destructiveness, Triple D was the primary tactician behind most of Dominus's victories. His major defeat was the Campaign of the Blood Mountains .He also commanded the Uruks, and during the later stages of the War, was sent to stop Mahrous and Vaurien from reaching the well of Life. He failed and was neutralized. After Dominus' death, the block on his mind faded and he realized what had happened and what he had done. To repent, He joined Mahrous and Vaurien as their fearless bodyguard.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Triple D trained in 2 specific sorcerous arts, as well as becoming a tactical prodigy. He planned 60% of Dominus' campaigns, and 54% were succesful, though some areas were retaken post-planning or during the later stages of the campaign. His preferred weapon was the Voltstaff 9000, which could disintigrate stone with a single burst.

The 2 sorcerous arts Triple D trained in where Kinecticism and Regeneration. Kineticism allows him to harvest kinetic energy from any impacts(ie punches, slaps) and unleash it in either a long destructive burst of energy, or a short sharp blast. He is also trained in regeneration, which allows him to regenerate limbs or even reassemble his whole body after being chopped to pieces. With these 2 abilities, he is incredibly destructive and powerful.

Gallery of Variants Edit

Triple D profile
Triple D(standard)