UCS Separatist Shuttle

500 +


Pilot Battle Droid, Super Battle Droid (2x), Mandalorian Troopers


Star Wars
Star Wars: The Clone Wars



This is a MOC of a "UCS" version of LEGO's separatist shuttle.


This Ultimate Collectors Series Separatist Shuttle is from the Star Wars: The Clone Wars theme. Included are four Mandalorian troopers, Pilot Battle Droid, and two Super Battle Droids. The main colour scheme for this set is dark grey and dark blue.


The cockpit of this set is well designed. I utilized a feature where a hatch can open to reveal the minifigures located inside the cockpit. There are also piloting computers (which I didn't show), and two seats for both pilots.

Inside the Ship

The inside of the ship is one of the most remarkable features of this set. It includes a very sturdy structure with one long beam going from one side, to the other. It also seats approximately 5 figues (to accommodate room for other equipment/vehicles). Also located at the rear of the shuttle is a Mandalorian turret gun.

Engines/Weapons Systems

Located at the rear of the shuttle are two engines, made from tire rim thingys. :/ Although the real shuttle didn't come with a weapons system, I decided to add my own. So I implemented two fully functional, flick-fire missiles near the vertical wing. (As you can see below.)


Minifigures included

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