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This article describes a custom creation, custom theme, or other fan material, made by a Brickipedia contributor. It has never been, is not, and will not be officially released.

Ultimate Multiverse

Ninjago,Star Wars,The land of Dreams,Crystallia,Rise of the Nindroids,Dagor Dagorath

Subtheme of:

Star Wars,Ninjago

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User:Stone Warrior

Now, if you think that this is a Marvel or DC Universe subtheme, you are dead wrong. This theme is the Ultimate combination of several different books and movies put together combined with my own creativity. The plot line will prove very confusing even if you've read the Mortal Instruments, Leven Thumps, Star Wars, Septimus Heap, Skulduggery Pleasant, and The Last Apprentice. If not you will be totally bamboozled.

Plot Edit

The Beginning:

It all started centuries ago, when Luke Skywalker emerged victorious against Emperor Palpatine. After that battle, all was not well - The explosion of Dark Side energy caused ancient forces to awaken. Strange things began to happen in the Galaxy. While the Rebellion cleared out the Empire, while Thrawn battled the Rebels, during all this a lesser known story began.

The Emperor's spirit traveled the Galaxy for years. He was lost and alone, with no physical body. That is, until he found an Imperial sect, so small no one cared. The Emperor possessed their commander, and led them to a secret place he heard of from the Book of Sith. It was a planet called Pluton, for it's purple color. The surface was covered with lakes of fire called LymonFyre, the most dangerous Fyre in the Galaxy. He harvested it in orbs of glass, and turned it into weapons. Before he could carry out his war, his body was mutated by the LymonFyre and he became the LymonLite Emperor.

He used his evil powers to attack the Rebellion, and drove them to the brink of defeat. However, Luke Skywalker managed to battle him with the ancient Holocron of the first Jedi Dragon Rider, a still unsolved mystery. He barely defeated LymonLite and forced him to retreat back to Pluton. Unfortunatly for the Emperor , the Supply of LymonFyre was gone. LymonLite dug a tunnel to the planet's core seeking a new power and ultimately found the source of LymonFyre, BlueFyre. This power turned him into the Bluelite Emperor. At that moment, a Republic fleet began bombarding the planet and destroying the crust . This caused the Bluelite Emperor to transform into the un-bodied Bluemist Emperor.

After the destruction of Pluton, Luke and the Jedi got little rest, though, as the ice on the Planet Tython began to melt. He was forced to dispatch Jedi to Tython with a Republic battle fleet when the he found that the Empire was involved! The Jedi fought the Empire and delved into the planet's tunnels where they found huge thermal generators. They were ambushed while trying to deactivate them by the Dark Jedi Tryton.

Tryton attempted to kill Corran Horn, but Corran and Varis defeated him, though Varis loses his life. The generators were deactivated, but the Empire was still searching through the softened polar ice, for some unknown artifact. Simultaneously in another part of the Multiverse, the prototype Grievous One (General Grievous is a protagonist and was not killed by Obi-Wan as erroneously stated in Star Wars III) battleship is sent to Tython.

Before this occurred, the Bluemist Emperor found an asteroid called Quiton(cute-on), whose front half was lava-coated and whose back half was covered in diamond ice. The Emperor possessed it and created Diamond-Lava Missiles. The massive asteroid was able to attack the Republic fleet at Tython and destroy 5 ships. All of the scattered ship parts were assimilated into the asteroid - turning it into a high-tech command-center/battleship. However, the Grievous One - on it's way to Tython - engaged it and destroyed parts of it with it's Plasma Cannon.

Everyone thinks it's over, but it's not. While the Republic is cleaning up the mess with cosmic brooms strange looking aliens steal the body of Tytron. Simultaneously, 3 strangely organic looking Star Destroyers appear, and pull in a familiar blue mist from the asteroid Quiton. The aliens - called Charivaris - use living ships combined with technology. The ships are powered by the pilots hearts - they are all connected to the ship by a cognition snout, and their blood flows through the veins of the ship. They take some of their blood, under mind control and build a body of blue crystal, Lymon crystal and of their blood. They are replacing Tutron's lost right arm with a cybernetic force-arm and revive him. Lo and behold-The [[Bluelite Emperor] his, his Dark cyborg Prince, Jedi Killer(JK)14 or Jek-14!

After this secret ritual,Bluelite assembled an army of Charivaris and began to attack the Republic. The Republic was utterly confused and the outer rim was quickly lost, along with the Corellian trade route. The war escalated rapidly and General Grievous led the Republic Navy to victory at Reecee, Duro and the Hyperborean hyperspace passage. However, the Jedi were stretched thin and there were too few of them. Moreover, Jek-14 ambushed a Jedi enclave and killed 2 Masters and 12 padawans.

At the battle of Sejwan-ti, Jek-14 turned on the Bluelite Emperor, and tried to usurp him. However, Bluelite imprisoned him in a crystal pod, but Jek-14 scuttled his flagship, damaging it beyond repair. Bluelite fled the ship, and the battle.

While this was happening, Luke communed with the Holocron and the spirits of dead Jedi. They told him that the Bluelite Emperor was invincible as one entity but if split into three separate entities in different pocket dimensions, Luke could defeat him one at a time.

However, when enacting his plan by using the Jedi spirits to create the dimensions, he was interrupted by Jek-14 who escaped his prison. Luke and Bluelite were forced to work together to defeat him. After this release, all the Emperors (Bluemist ,Lymonlite, Onyx, Kryptonite, Ruby, Emerald, Crystal, Diamond) were recreated and a long series of territorial wars ensued.While these wars happened,a scientific company(Umbrella) captured a crystal from each Emperor and accidentally fused them together into the Raynbow Emperor. These wars were called the Imperial Wars, during which the original Empire was abolished. During this time, the Jedi order faded and was replaced by the Dragon Riders in the Wizard tower. Note: Luke became immortal along with his wife by becoming a Dragon Rider.

However, the vicious Imperial wars were ended when Crystal - the most peaceful Emperor - discovered a new threat: The ancient wizard Santan and his giant servant Metotar. Metotar could create a replica of any weapon he's seen. Another long war ensued, but the war came to a standstill when Metotar was killed. However, he held the Republic off by controlling Computa - a technological planet, but it was lost when General Grievous and a Dragon Rider(dragon riders can survive in space) contingent attacked. After this, Santan retreated to the Dark Planets, whose orbit is so far from their suns that no light reaches them. Santan later surrendered and defected. He became a teacher of the Dragon Riders.

Rise of the Dragon riders

Now, with Santan on their side, the Dragon Riders learned more about their ancient order. At the same time, Luke's son [[Ben] entered adulthood and bonded with a Dragon. However, all was not well - scientists had discovered strange creatures coming from a black hole in the center of the Galaxy. After the destruction of an exploratory task force into another Galaxy - labeled the X galaxy - was destroyed, the Dragon riders were reluctantly forced to battle the bio-mechanincal Bohrok - the dominant species in the X galaxy. In the end, a treaty was signed.

After this war, a new Head of State was vote, -Alice Heart. She built a large palace to replace 500 Republica and named it Heart Palace. However, despite her best efforts an old necromancer - Dom Daniel - waged war against the Republic with the help of his apprentice, Ellis Crackle and an experimental Computan device that amplified his magic. In the end, a war was fought on Coruscant and Daniel was defeated while Ellis disappeared. However, Heart Palace was destroyed and a new one was built.

At this point, the Republic faced invasion at the hands of a strange species from another dimension calling themselves the Overlords. Their coming to the Galaxy caused strange events. Among them the mutation of thousands of people into Kreatures : Myrmidons, Wingers, Trackers, Screamers and Ferrets. This also caused a notable inventor - Robert Ingman - to transform into Shade ,a computer intelligence. Coruscant was lost but Shade helped a group of children escape captivity and trained them as Superspies.

After a series of shocking discoveries, battles, and missions team Ella (one of the superspies) managed to overthrow the Overlords. After this, the Republic was challenged by the Sith who were using Overlord tech. They were easily defeated, but it triggered the Sorcerer's War simultaneously and completely unknown to the mortal popuation. The Dead Men (Skulduggery Pleasant, Larrikin, Hopeless, Ghastly Bespoke, Anton Shudder, Dexter Vex and Erskine Ravel) fought for about 70 years before the War ended. Once it was finally over, Skulduggery -who was killed but returned to life as a skeleton - became a detective for the Sorcerer Sanctuaries (local sorcerer government) and eventually discovered Valkyrie Cain, who became his partner.

Eventually, after a long pregnancy Luke's grandson -- Jace -- was born. He grew up during the middle of the War of the World Shatterer. The World Shatterer was an ancient weapon of mass destruction, a ship. It was i kmx1km disc of pearly white scales, like dragon scales. It was made up of 7 parts. The parts were: The Sunmaker: Destroys planets by causing molten metal to become stellar plasma. The Desolator: A 10 foot tall hour glass full of green liquid. A single drop is placed in a shell and dropped on a planet. The blast destroys everything on the surface and destroys all nutrients in substances. The Breaker: Fires an intense laser like the Death Star's. The Mortal Coil: Power source The weavers copper: wiring and circuitry. Made from the Loom of Athena. The Dragons armor:hundreds of shiny white plates made of dragon scales. They armor the ship Akhenatens Eye: The framework of a ship called Akhenaten's eye. Framework. The Diablerie -- a group of insane zealots who initiated the sorcerer's war . They are committed to bringing back the Faceless Ones,a group of 350 godlike beings who used to rule the galaxy,before being banished to another dimension -- intended to use the ship's super weapons to open a portal for the Faceless Ones. They successfully collected and destroyed 5 planets. However, The Mariner -- one of Luke's 5 sons -- and his enchanted ship distracted the World Shatterer while Skulduggery, Valkyrie and Luke snuck aboard and stopped the vessel at the last minute,just as the portal opened.

As Jace began to grow older, entering childhood, he was inducted into the Nephilim, or Shadowhunters -- a group of half angel, half human beings who are committed to saving the galaxy from Demon incursions -- along with his father, who belived that to fight evil, everyone who fights must be connected.

As Jace matured, and entered his teens strange things around the Shadowhunters began to happen. He gathered 2 friends - Alec and Isabelle Lightwood. They hunted together and bonded to become fast friends. Then, a routine demon hunt turned strange. A demon attempted to kill a schoolgirl. Jace killed the demon and made the girl forget him, he and his friends went into the sewers to search for more demons - and battle a scoucher demon, 2 vetis demons and heard a Greater Demon's voice. They fled and reported. Jace remembered that the Greater Demon had said "Kill the Bringer of Light". He wondered what that meant, but had no time to think. A month later, he met the girl and she remembered him. They were subsequently attacked by a demon,and the girl --whose name was Alice Reymore -- touched the demon. The demon then exploded in white fire, but Alice passed out. Jace took her to the Insitute for examination, and got in trouble.

Soon after, a pair of shadowhunters came with a Demon prisoner who they interrogated. They discovered that Alice was the Bringer of Light,a being all Demons fear as she can burn all that is unholy with her Heavenly Fire. The Institute was attacked very suddenly,so Jace, his allies and 6 shadowhunters decided to take her to the Shadowhunter's Conclave at Selonia.

Over the course of the journey, the 2 fall in love. However,they had to split up to distract the demons. When they reached the conclave, before they could announce Alice to the conclave, an army of demons smashed in and forced them to flee.

List of setsEdit

Battle packs:

custom:Angels of Darkness

custom:Charivaris turret


custom:Crystal Cannon

custom:Bluemist battering ram

custom:Republic troops

Custom:Skulkin Defense

Custom:Bohrok bladespeeder

custom:Imperial troops

small sets($15-$30):

Custom:War council

Custom:The Lightning element shrine

Custom:Fire Element Shrine

Custom:Skulkin Dragon

custom:The Holocron Chamber

custom:Elven Outpost

custom:Lymonlite tank

custom:The accelerator

custom:Ring of Plague's lair

custom:The Morrigan Showdown

Custom:Garmadon's battle

medium sets($30-$50)

Custom:Destructoid Mech

custom:Serpentine snake tank

custom:Golden Dragon Battle

custom:Kai's manor house

custom:The ''Dragonaut'''

custom:Demon Scepter Cavern

custom:The Demigod's flagship

custom:Sith Battleship

custom:The ''Dragon Scale''

custom:Skulkin Tank

custom:Skulkin fortress

Custom:Earth Element Temple

Custom:Ice Element Temple

Large sets($50-$100)

custom:''Destiny's Bounty''

custom:Temple of Light

custom:OverBorg's fortress

custom:Estaron's Battle

custom:The battle of Coruscant

custom:Kai's Manor House

custom:Ruby Empire Siege

custom:Bone City Battle

custom:Ultimate Dragon superpack








Luke Skywalker

Jace Garmadon

Isabelle Morgenstern

Ben Skywalker(deceased)

Magnus Bane



Sensei Garmadon

Sensei Wu

The first Spinjitzu master







Mara Jade Skywalker





Raynbow Emperor

Crystal emperor

Dyamond Emperor

Lymonlite Emperor

Ruby Emperor

Emerald Emperor

Bluemist Emperor

Onyx Emperor

Kryptonyte Emperor



Skulduggery Pleasant

Valkyrie Cain

Ghastly Bespoke

Erskine Ravel

Dexter Vex

Saracen Rue



China Sorrows

Han Solo

Princess Leia

Jacen Solo

Anakin Solo

Jaina Solo

Holly Short

Sid Sytting



The Overlord

Overlord Prime

Overlord Secondary

Overlord Tertiary


Sylver Sun

Blue Banner

Black Banner

Red Dymond

Emerald Ripple

Valentine Morgenstern

The Circle of Raziel:

Angus Pangborn

Theses Pangborn

Theodore Blackwell

Clem Hopkins

Hodge Starkweather

Prios Vindicant

The Ring of Plague:








The Diablerie:

China Sorrows


Marianna Griever

Mr Bliss

Baron Vengious

Lord Vile

Nefarian Serpine

Marcus Refine


The first Spinjitzu master

Angels of Darkness:

Metatron The Regent

Commander Caprius

The Seven Sins battalion

The Emperors


The Sith:

High Lord Vastus

High Lord Cretos

High Lord Bestarian

Acting High Lord Vistagius

Saber Verant

Saber Clatius

Saber Alatorus

Saber Raxor

Ambassador Entrensis


General Cryptor

Kreto Borg

Commander Cybertron

Commaner Flashfreeze

Commander Blue

Commander Black

Admiral 01

Airforce commander 522912

The Teacher



Promethian Knights



The Diadact