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Uprising: Robot Revolt
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This is the official story page for my Cuusoo idea. It will be updated with story info and stories about my theme.

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Federation battle pack:

This battle pack comes with two Federation soldiers. It can be used to build up a army of them. It also includes a small jet vehicle. The idea of the set is to provide some infantry soldiers, which most sets do not have.

Federation LAV

LAV stands for light attack vehicle. It is a transport/attack hovercraft that comes with three soldiers and a pilot.

Federation Command Room

Custom: Federation command room

Bunker on board a space station. Includes a small vehicle, a engine control station, and some tech support minifigs to run the space station Robot hovercraft

Robots use this to deploy into battle zones.

The battle starts...

Uprising takes place in 2050, in a distant galaxy where people live in space stations. Robots are used for factory labor and for farming while humans work comfortable desk jobs. Everything is ruled by the United Federation, the imperial government that controls humanity. But one day, the robots started revolting, wanting to be equal to humans and to have rights, and the uprising began... The story follows Flame Hawks Legion of the federation. The robots start their revolt in the neon city space station. They destroy a residential city block, overwhelming the city defense forces. The Armaghastians(a army of traveling Federation soldiers.) are called in to destroy the revolt. They chase the robots away and send them scattering to space, where they start a campaign against nearby space stations.


Custom: General Lannax