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Uruks are some of the primary soldiers of the evil Dominus D Tenebris. They appear in one set, so far.

Description Edit

Uruks are similar to the Uruk-Hai minifigures from LOTR, with the same swords, helmets, legs, torsos and heads. However, rather than carry their shields, their shields are attached to their spears, allowing them to carry both in one hand.

Background Edit

Uruks are evil creatures, engineered by a combination of advanced science and dark magic. They were created by Dominus D Tenebris, and are completely obedient to him. They are stronger and faster than humans and wear armor made of a special material called Olorium, which resists magic, making it hard for sorcerers to use their powers against them. They wield special swords designed for hacking and grabbing, and their shields are poited so they can be used as weapons, while their spears are perfect for long distance combat and dealing with horse riders

Powers and Abilities Edit

Uruks were bred by Dominus D Tenebris to be vicious tenacious, powerful and bloodthirsty. They are faster and stronger than humans and were bred with a collective mind. Moreover, as they fight their enemies, they can quickly learn how an enemy fights, meaning that they are clever fighters and will be able to copy and counter an individual's fighting style. Additionally, do to their collective mind, the information on fighting an enemy is available to all Uruks. In other words, 1 Uruk learns it, they all do. Therefore, the best way to defeat an Uruk is to know many fighting styles and sporadially change how you fight without pattern which can mix them up and confuse them. Another effective strategy is to remove their helmet - thereby leaving their heads vulnerable to magic - and use your powers against them.

Gallery of Variants Edit

Uruk profile
a typical Uruk