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Voors are characters in the atomist and are minor antagonists of it's second wave. They serve the Shadow Lord


Voors are not built like standard minifigures, but rather have a small,black torso with 2 studs representing eyes on it and a small clip for a mouth. From the side of the torso, leathery gray wings sprout.


Voors are demons of the abyss, creatures of shadow, and resemble oily black human head, but with vertically mounted red eyes, a bristled mouth with a long tongue like a snake, short, crab-like legs coming from its neck and leathery wings. They fly with the Shadow Lord and are relatively powerful. they fly in huge swarms.

Powers and abilities

Voors are a lower level of Abyss-creature, with the ability to fly and can swallow a human whole. They have long, snake-like tongues that can grab victims and devour them whole. They are immune to Elemental magic, but can be destroyed by an energy streamer or brghtshiner.

Gallery of Variants