WWIII is a theme of LEGO sets based on the film series of the same name.


2016 Sets

  • Bill's Car ($19.99, includes Bill, Sensei Benjamin, C, Raider, and Rat)
  • Torpedo Plane ($29.99, includes Bill, R, Electrician, and Ren)
  • Orbitron Dogfight ($49.99, includes Douglas Artur and his Attack Helicopter, R-Esterial, and Conan Wood and his After Burner)
  • Escape Pod ($19.99, includes C, R, and a Sandy Soldier, and the Oracle)
  • Morum Plane ($19.99, includes a Morum Aeronaut and Douglas Artur)
  • Fighter Jet ($14.99, includes Fighter Navigator)

2017 Sets

  • Orbitron Military ($12.99, includes two Morum Gunners and Security Guards)
  • Ajim Bar ($69.99, includes three Composers, Chin, Anthony Took, Bill, Ben, and a Sandy Soldier)
  • Nano Scale Battleship ($39.99, includes ten Shock Soldier trophies and a Douglas trophy, Walmart exclusive)
  • Micro Scale RV ($39.99, includes Anthony micro figure, Bill micro figure, and Benjamin micro figure, Walmart exclusive)
  • Morum Gunship ($99.99, includes Douglas Artur, Fredrick Talarcian, Metropolice, Rock Rabbit, M, Security Guard, and Shock Soldier)
  • Took RV ($139.99, includes Bill, Lady Catherine, Anthony Took, Chuks, Sensei Benjamin, and Douglas Artur


2017 Sets

  • Snow Groomer ($29.99, includes Bill, Jaxter Dexter, and two Snowy Soldiers)
  • Hardangerjoklen Attack ($24.99, includes Anthony Took, Rebel Veteran, Probe, and Snow Soldier)
  • Nano Scale Tilt Rotor ($19.99, includes Robert Uccine and Frozen Took trophies)
  • Iceberg Fight ($49.99, includes Colonel Rijeka, two Rebel Veterans, two Snowy Soldiers, Alien Probe, Bill, a Snow Cat, and a Horse)
  • Forty Base ($89.99, includes two Snowy Soldiers, D, Lady Catherine, I, Chuks, Bill, Anthony Took, and a Horse)
  • ROFL Copter Helicopter ($9.99, includes Logan)

2018 Sets

  • Freezing Chamber ($24.99, includes Anthony Took, Robert Uccine, and 241543903)
  • Hardangerjokulen Yeti Den ($39.99, includes Bill, Zev Senesce, Horse, and Abominable Snowman)
  • Resistance Military Battle Pack ($11.99, includes Zev Senesce and three Resistance Patriots)
  • VTOL ($79.99, includes Robert Uccine, Sans, and Anthony Took, and Frozen Anthony Took)
  • Air Force ($29.99, includes a Morum Copilot)
  • Snowy Soldier Battle Pack ($11.99, includes two Snowy Soldiers, a Metropolice, and a Rider)


2018 Sets

  • Military Glider ($39.99, includes Glider Ace, Resistance Mechanic, and Landon Spisowski)
  • Morum Mech ($9.99, includes Chuks)
  • Del Norte Battle Pack ($12.99, includes two Rebels, an Archer Soldier, and a Shock Soldier)
  • Wasteland Skiff ($5.99, includes Bill and Anthony Took)
  • Kiaan's Citadel ($29.99, includes Ninja Spider, E, P, Kiaan, Bill, and Lady Catherine)
  • Raptor Hole ($59.99, includes a Guard, Bill, Dungeon Keeper, and a Pisanosaurus)

2019 Sets

  • Tandem Rotor ($49.99, includes Major Crack, Resistance Aviator, and Numb Thumb)
  • Tzar's Throne Room ($6.99, includes Douglas Artur and Tzar)
  • Caveman Attack ($24.99, includes Ungar, Squog, and Archer Soldier)
  • Kiaan's Door ($6.99, includes Barrack, C, and R)
  • Kiaan's Treasure ($6.99, includes Prison Guard, Robert Uccine, and Frozen Anthony Took)
  • Morum Jet ($34.99, includes two Security Guards and Tzar)

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