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War of the Elements
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Ultra Agents

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Predacon Blazer

War of the Elements is a Custom Theme created by Predacon Blazer which also includes a Fan Made Series.


On a Elemental Planet known as Earth, A War has Started against the Elements of Light and the Elements of Darkness. Now the Battle between Light and Darkness including Saving the World has begun.


Season 1: The Elemental Collision
Episode 1: The Awakening

In the Island of Peace, A Legendary Tournament has Begun in honor of the 3 year Anniversary of Lloyd Garmadon defeating The Overlord in The Final Battle. Although everyone thought that everything would be peaceful after the Ninja's Battle's against Ancient Enemies were over, In a Trench 20 miles deep, One of the Citizens of the World accidently unleashed a Portal which leads to a Withered Planet which also leads to a Ancient, Dark, and Sinister Enemies' Return.

Episode 2: Ceremony Gone Wrong

After a While, A winner has been revealed in the Tournament, But when the Ceremony of the Winner begun, It went all wrong when Chen's Staff of Power Mysteriously Disappeared and Also when they were Attacked by a Unknown Enemy which forced the Tournament Participants and Members to enter the Ancient Dragon Cave

Episode 3: On The Run

The Tournament Members and Participants are forced on the Island of Peace with no Transportation, Supplies, and Communication while pressured down by the New Enemies. But they have to send out a Distress Message by the Old Letter in the Bottle tactic without being detected.

Episode 4: Operation: Elemental Rescue Mission

With the Distress Message sent, Nya, Misako, and Sensei Wu head to the Island in order to rescue their Friends from being Collaterally Destroyed. When they Arrive, They find that they are in being Ultimately Assaulted and Hammered by the Eternal Shadow Army. But when the Ninja and other Elemental Users where about to get out of there, They get Critically Damaged by the Eternal Lightning Blast which knocks them Unconscious and the Rescue crew is forced to Abort the mission due to the Army outnumbering them. But when the Unconscious Elemental Users where about to get permanently destroyed, A Mysterious beam of Light sends them running back to their base and abducts the Unconscious Elemental Masters to a unknown place.

Episode 5: The Legend of the Elemental Guardians

After the Abduction on the Elemental Masters, The Mysterious People who abducted them revealed them selves as the Elemental Guardians (The Creators of Planet Earth). The Guardians reveal their Past and also tells them what's going on and tell them that most of the Elemental Guardians are their Grandpas and Grandmas. When the UA Team and the Remaining Ninjas are being assaulted, But They presumed that the Elemental Masters were dead, They though wrong because the Elemental Ninja and Masters come back with the Elemental Guardians and a strong re-appearance and ready to fight back the Ancient Shadows.

Episode 6: City Attack

In the Eternal Shadow Armies' Base, They begin planning a Attack on the Ultra Agent's Base and also try to avoid the Elemental Masters who joined the Elemental Guardians' Side. When the Enemy arrived at the City, They meet team Ultra Agents and try to fight them off in order to free Anti-Matter and his Black Hole Army from Captivity. But the Elemental Ninja receive the Distress Signal and head to the City asap and try to prevent the Eternal Shadow Army from freeing The Black Hole Army.

Episode 7: Double Threat

The Black Hole Army has been freed from the UA Team by the Eternal Shadow Army. Now TerraNova (Leader of the Eternal Shadow Army) and Anti-Matter (Leader of the Black Hole Army) make a plan which is leading the Elemental Masters into one location while the Other Place (Undetected) is being Attacked making the Light Side's Pressure of saving lives a lot harder.


Season 1: The Elemental Collision

More Sets will be released soon