None. :P


Irnakk, RaceLord

Yup lol. I'm making like a minifigure theme thing but then Warcraft. lol. u mad. You can join ONLY IF YOU ASK ME. adding yourself is not allowed.

5 figures per wave.

If you join, DO NOT MAKE MADE-UP CHARACTERS. Only characters that are/were in the actual story are allowed to make.

(Info Above by Irnakk)

Da Figure Things

Wave 1 yup lol

  1. Cairne Bloodhoof
  2. Naga Myrmidon
  3. Arthas (Paladin)
  4. Arthas (Death Knight)
  5. Maiev Shadowsong

Wave 2 yup lol

  1. Samuro (Please note that this custom was on Brickimedia but I'm not willing to remake the page on Brickipedia.)
  2. TBA
  3. TBA
  4. TBA
  5. TBA

RaceLord's Figures

Image Variant Created
RaceLord Thrall Robes (Cataclysm) April 7 2013

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