Wikia Executives
Wiki 1

Da Ca$h


10 basic Executive types (Known so far), an unknown amount of high ranking Executives


"Bizniz" brand suits, hats or other items that fit the "personality restriction criteria"


Since Wikia Began - A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away...


Cligra, CzechMate, King of Nynrah, Simon5750, Awesomeknight1234, Darth henry


Wherever there is a dollar to be made from advertising girls underwear on a wiki devoted to children's construction bricks.

Wikia Executives, also known as Suits, are traditionally nameless, unless they are a former Wikia user who has been indoctrinated into their ranks. They will stop at nothing until they have all the Ca$h that ever existed, and then can use a time machine to go back and get it all again before they got it the first time around. In 2014 they had to fill a "Shark and Bug user" quota, or else they would have been sued, so they simply accepted a handful into their organization, and then drove a dump truck full of money up to the house of anyone who would dare issue them another quota to fill.

In 2014, a small army of the seemingly endless militaristic capitalist group known as Wikia Executives showed up at the solid gold castle of COWMASTA, after they had discovered two years of profits to be missing from their treasury, and COWMASTA was their only suspect. They said they were there to make a "proposition", but in reality they were planning on breaking COWMASTA's shins, tossing him in an electrified swimming pool filled with sharks, crocodiles, and an African lion, and threaten to seal his feet in concrete and dump him in the ocean if he didn't pay up. unfortunately their meeting was interrupted by seven Wikia users who killed most of them, and spared a single person in that castle due to the fact that he said he would hang up his suit and work with them, and also pay them each a huge amount of Ca$h. He has since gone into hiding due to the fear of Wikia hunting him down and most likely throwing him into space.



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