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Willy Wonka is a character from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He is a chocolate maker who makes candy in the most crazy way he can.

Background Edit

Willy Wonka proves an unparalleled genius in confectionery development, inventing seemingly impossible products that capture the world's imagination, like ice cream that never melts, and small candy eggs that hatch chocolate birds that move and chirp. From his factory, his products are shipped and sold worldwide. However, other chocolate makers become jealous and start sending spies to find out the Wonka's recipes. Nearly ruined, Wonka closes the factory and fires all of his workers. Years later, the factory once again starts running, secretly staffed exclusively by Oompa Loompas, a race of dwarves from Loompaland who relish the taste of cocoa beans. His business resumes its dominance. Wonka's journey to Loompaland was for the purpose of finding new exotic flavors for his candy. Eventually Wonka, getting old and not having any heirs, felt the need to arrange for a successor for his business, if only to provide a home and work for the Oompa Loompas. However, he wanted to groom one from childhood to guarantee they would keep with his methods and spirit. To that end, he announces a contest with five Golden Tickets randomly placed in his products promising a tour and a lifetime supply of his products to the winners for starters. Five children find the tickets, including Charlie Bucket, and they go on the tour of the bizarre factory. During the course of the tour all the children except Charlie misbehave, and find themselves in terrible predicaments that result in their being removed from the group. When only Charlie remains, the delighted Wonka reveals his plan and his offer, which Charlie eagerly accepts.

Variations Edit

2005 movie variantMy custom variant