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World of Destruction


World of Destruction is a post-apocalyptic theme based around five humans who are fighting to survive and start a new zombie-free civilization where humans can once more live and breathe fresh air.

Background Edit

In the year 2025 an awful disease broke out, sickening various people. Rushing to find a cure to it, a carefree scientist accidentally created a formula that enhanced the disease instead of curing it. The scientist dosed various animals with the disease and then added the chemical into the mix. This being done, the animals lost all hair and their bodies began to deform. The animals became rabid and the scientist disposed of them before they could cause any harm. He locked away the solution in a vault to stop any further harm.

Years later, a robbery took place in his home resulting in a catastrophe. One of the men broke into the vault and accidentally spilled the substance onto himself. Screaming, the man began to transform into a hideous creature and began producing a strange gas which quickly mutated the other robbers. The creatures were mad and prayed on the nearest living thing before the gas got to it.

As the corruption continued many cities were quarantined, but the insane beasts managed to break through the barriers and attack them as well. People eventually realized the gas was causing this to spread, so they began wearing gas masks and designing vehicles to fend off these 'zombies.'

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