X-Men: Cerebro
Cerebro entirety



Professor X
Iceman (Days of Future Past)
Rogue (Days of Future Past)



X-men: Cerebro is a custom X-Men set created in 2013.

Designer Notes

  • I cheated with the wheelchair.
    • Hey, at least I tried.
  • Wow. A set without Wolverine. That's a shock.
  • Cyclops was originally included.
  • Minifigures are based on their X-Men: Days of Future Past versions.
  • Suggested by Awesomeknight1234.
  • I was going to include a another Iceman figure, with the 'ice' version, but I stuck with just putting in 'Bobby Drake'.

Minifigures Included

  • Professor X
  • Iceman
  • Rogue


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