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Xenomorph's (pronounced Zeen-o-morph) are a rogue race of Aliens that live on LV-426. The Xenomorph's have acid blood, internal jaws, and vary from Xenomorph to Xenomorph.


Warrior's are the servents of the Xenomorph Queen. They have a more Human configuration than most other Xenomorph's and appear in the movie Aliens and the AVP Requiem.


Drone's have the least Human configuration than any other Xenomorph's other than the Queen. They appear in the movie AVP and Alien Resurrection.


Runner's are perhaps the most dangerous of all the regular Xenomorph's. The Runner's walk on all fours most of the time (but can walk on two legs) and have an orangish color to them. The Runners's appear in Alien3 and the AVP video game.


Facehugger's are Xenomorph offspring that cling on to the face's of unsuspecting victims of which they die after the Chestburster comes out of the victim. Facehuger's vary from Queen Facehugers to regular Facehugers. Facehugers appear in Alien, Aliens, Alien3, Alien Resurrection, AVP, AVP Requiem, and the AVP video game.


Chestburster's are Xenomorph offspring that are put into their hosts by Facehugers. When they burst out of their host he or She dies. Chestbursters appear in Alien, Aliens, Alien3, Alien Resurrection, AVP, AVP Requiem, and the AVP video game.


Queen's are the strongest and the secondary Xenomorph rulers next to the Queen Mothers. The Queens lay the eggs and create the nests. They are also the most destructive of all the Xenomorphs. The Queen's appear in Aliens, Alien3, Alien Resurrection, and AVP.

Queen Mother

Queen Mother's are the rulers of the Xenomorphs and only appear in comics. The difference between the Queen Mothers and the Queens is that Queen Mothers lay only Queen eggs, they are larger, have whiskers, and do not have four arms. Plus they have different shaped heads. The Queen Mothers appear in comics.


Reds are mutated Xenomorph's created when a Warrior kidnapped the Queen Mother and became a Queen Mother herself, but since there was a twist in the changing process it created the Red Xenomorphs which fought the regular Xenomorphs. The Reds appear in Comics.