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9973 Xeran is a BIONICLE: The Legend Continues set. It contains Xeran, a Bone Hunter and member of the Shadow's Legacy.


Xeran is a Bone Hunter, and is native to Bara Magna. He helped Fero attempt the Raid on Vulcanus some time ago, but escaped when the Bone Hunters were defeated. After the climatic battle between Mata Nui and Makuta and Spherus Magna's reformation, Xeran chose to ally himself with the Sisters of the Skrall and became part of the Shadow's Legacy.

Personality and Weapons

Xeran is a fierce warrior, who, like other Bone Hunters, enjoys hunting his prey and stealing valuable weapons and artifacts from the heroes. He is confident but feels intimidated by Shenra. He carries a double buzz-saw/blade that he stole from a Skakdi.

Set Information

9973 Xeran was released in January 2013 alongside the other small sets and contained 24 pieces.