Bronze Face





Ghost rider224

"The way Metal Face scarpered on about ya, I thought you had to be some big scary monster, but look. You're just some pathetic little kid!"


Xord first appears in one of Shulk's visions, killing Juju and Sharla after a fight with an M70-series Mechon. Sharla and Juju only survive due to Shulk unlocking the Monado Speed Art. Xord appears immediately after Shulk realizes the M70 couldn't have been the Mechon from his vision. Xord engages the party, and easily wins, due to Shulk's Monado being unable to cut through Face armor (even while using Monado Enchant). Xord takes Juju hostage and flies away. The Part next meets Xord in the Ether mine underneath Colony 6, This time they manage to defeat him by forcing him into an ether river, rescueing Juju in the process. On the way out, Xord appears again, the ether river having simply exposed his weak spot. This time, Xord can be damaged by using Monado enchant.

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