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This article describes a custom creation, custom theme, or other fan material, made by a Brickipedia contributor. It has never been, is not, and will not be officially released.

Zane's Dragonoid is a set in Ninjago: The Second Generation theme.

About Edit

This set includes 3 Minifigures, The Dragonoid, Techno Shurikens of Ice and A battlestation for the Nindroids, which includes a springloaded missile turret.

Novel Edit

The Dragonoid appears in chapters 95-99

More Pictures Edit

  • Back View
  • Zane piloting the Dragonoid
  • A Battlestation for the Nindroids

Minifigures Included Edit

Zane transform
Nindroid Warrior armor
Zane (Transform-Elemental Robes)NindroneNindroid Warrior