Zigzoo's CopterMech
Zigzoo's CopterMech



Custom:Zigzoo, Custom:Tom (Tree Fu Tom


Custom:Tree Fu Tom

Zigzoo's CopterMech Is a Custom:Tree Fu Tom Set By Ohmyheck.


Help Tom use Big World Magic to rise Zigzoo's CopterMech using the Super Lifto spell, as Zigzoo collects an important item. Then use the included AppBrick game pieces in the LEGO Tree Fu Tom: Movie Party app for even more fun.

  • Includes Tom and Zigzoo minifigures.
  • Use Big World Magic to magically rise the CopterMech!
  • Eject Zigzoo from the ejector seat!
  • Use the included AppBricks as game pieces in the free LEGO Tree Fu Tom: Movie Party app.


Zigzoo's CopterMech AppBrick Game Pieces

AppBricks: Tom (Left), Zigzoo (Middle), Zigzoo's CopterMech (Right)


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