The Legend Continues


King of Nynrah

9975 Ziraklix is a BIONICLE: The Legend Continues set released in 2013. It contains a Ziraklix creature.


The Ziraklix are a feral species native to Bota Magna. Agori are not their natural food source, though when there is no alternative supply Ziraklix are known to attack and kill Agori.

Some of the Ziraklix species have since migrated to the Bara Magna section of Spherus Magna. Some are known to have been trained to serve the Shadow's Legacy, and are sometimes even controlled directly by Shenra.

Personality and Weapons

The Ziraklix rely on their claws and teeth to defend themselves with. They are also acute to hearing.

Set Information

9975 Ziraklix was released in January 2013 alongside the other small sets and contained 18 pieces.

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