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Dash Justice

Alpha Team


Mission Deep Sea/Freeze, Regular


2001 - 2005


Dash Justice is the leader of the Alpha Team, and also is the motions expert. His colour is Black/Dark Blue/Blue, depending on the year. He is known to be very brave, but quite cocky in some situations. A known fact about Dash is that he loves the seaside.


Dash in a cutscene of Drones' Menace


In 2001, the Team's first year, Dash Justice wears an all-black jumpsuit which includes: several pockets, several lasers, the Alpha Team globe insignia, and a distinct button-up collar. His belt was blank, and his legs included pockets, and two textured pads. From 2002-03, when the Team travelled underwater, Dash wore the exact same jumpsuit—except for the legs—but in navy blue. He now had the standard "double-bar" colour scheme, with a triangular pattern running down the sides. In addition to that, he often wore a scuba tank and diving helmet. His face was slightly changed, giving him grey eyes and a different chin. From 2004-05, the Mission Deep Freeze part of the mission, Dash wore sunglasses, and a completely different outfit. His colour was now blue (Charge's previous colour), and his shirt patter was simpler, showing only a newer, triangular insignia, and several silver lines on the sides of the torso. He wore a silver belt, and several silver lines ran down his pant legs.

In 2016, in series 16 of the Collectible Minifigures line, a spy minifigure was released that resembled Dash and was seemingly an updated version of the character, namely the original Dash figure released in 2001. An image of this figure, wearing special goggles, a pistol as well as some rope, can be found below.


LEGO Alpha Team 2016 Dash Minifigure

Video Game Appearances


OriginalDeep SeaDeep Freeze

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