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Day 1 is a web-comic/video found on the LEGO Star Wars website and the nineteenth released in the Online Clone Wars Comics series, which depicts stories and skirmishes from the Clone Wars. The viewer can choose the sides "Good" (Republic) or "Bad" (Separatists) prior to watching the video. Depending on which side is chosen, the viewer will see a different story.


Shows how clone troopers are trained on Kamino and given special instructions by Jedi masters. After a space skirmish, the clones go to a dry planet and defeat Separatist battle droids.


This story starts off in the Geonosis battle droid factory. A droid shows what it is like in training for the Separatists and what test they must perform. Once ready, the droids go to the same planet that the clone troopers are on and are defeated by them.


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"All good clones must come to an end."

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"Day 38: The Frozen Planet of Orto Plutonia"

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