Day 59: A Grievous Situation is an online LEGO Star Wars comic/video on the LEGO Star Wars website.

The story begins when Plo Koon's starfighter is chasing after General Grievous' starfighter. Plo Koon shoots Grievous down and his ship falls to the planet below. Meanwhile on the planet below, Nahdar Vebb and his fellow clones go searching for General Grievous. A clone notices a ship falling to the planet below. Later, Grievous is lounging in a chair with sunglasses on using a solar panel. Nahdar then approaches Grievous. Grievous ignites his lightsabers but one of his arms fall off. His medical droid repairs his arm quickly. Greivous then re-ignites his lightsabers and starts battling Nahdar Vebb. Plo Koon's starfighter lands on the planet and Plo later ignites his lightsaber to fight General Grievous. Grievous jumps into his starfighter and escapes the jedi. It ends with to be continued.......

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