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Deadpool is a minifigure in the Marvel Super Heroes theme released in 2012.


Deadpool's head is mainly red, with black ovals with white dots in the middle, representing eye slits. His torso has printing to depict his body shape through the tight suit, black wavy strips on the sides, and a utility belt on the bottom of the torso. He has black arms with red hands. His legs continue the wavy stripes. On the left leg there is a few pouches. He has back printing depicting his belt, the black strips from the front, and the how suit fits against his back. Deadpool comes with a scabbard (first utilized by Dastan), two swords, and a gun used by the ADU in Alien Conquest.

This version is based on his original appearance in the X-Men comics.

His appearance in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is identical to the physical minifigure. He wields two katanas and two guns.


Deadpool is an anti-hero. He was once known as Wade Wilson, and was a ruthless soldier in the service of the cruel William Stryker. Wade joined the Weapon X program in exchange for a cure to his cancer. As the cure, he was Wolverine's healing powers, though they grew a far greater extent to point that he can survive injuries too severe even for Wolverine. Now he is an assassin/mercenary and talks freely, earning him the nickname "Merc with a Mouth". He is loyal to whoever pays him the most money.

Unlike most characters, Deadpool is fully aware that he's a fictional character, which he frequently brings up. Everyone else usually just thinks he's insane. (Which, to be fair, he is)

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Deadpool does not have a major role in the main story, however he narrates the extra levels found throughout New York City. He has a room on the Helicarrier where the player can enter codes, read comics unlocked by collecting minikits in the main story levels, and buy Red Bricks found in the extra levels. He becomes playable once all the Red Bricks have been purchased. After that, he appears in the streets of New York with three more missions: -He challenges the player to a race. (Reward: Deadpool's Scooter) -He tells the player to bring him a sword that's shaped like a flamingo. (Reward: Deadpool's Helicopter) -He teams up with the player to fight a bunch of A.I.M. Soldiers. (Reward: Aunt May)[source?]

He makes a cameo in every main level in the game, while he narrates the bonus levels.

Like Wolverine, when his health is depleted he turns into a skeleton until he heals, rather than falling apart. Unlike, Wolverine his skeleton is not adamantium coated. Amusingly his mask is imprinted on his skull and his guns become bones. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Wade Wilson, the “Merc with a Mouth”, is unconventional, unpredictable, and almost totally unhinged. As a mercenary, he sells his formidable combat skills to the highest bidder, distracting his opponents with jokes and seemingly inane prattle to throw them off their guard.


Video Game Appearances


  • In all of Deadpool's appearances in Marvel media, he "breaks the 4th wall" meaning he is aware that he is a fictional character.(this is done for humorous effect) In fact, one of his combo moves in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is the icon for interacting with something appears under the enemy and Deadpool's logo appears above them, Deadpool traps the enemy in the icon and hits them on the head with his logo.


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