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Deep Sea Explorers is a City subtheme introduced in 2015.


As the name suggests, this theme features sets based around deep sea exploration. All sets have Treasure, sea creatures and underwater scenery!


Image Item number Set Number of pieces Minifigures Price Release
60090 alt1 60090  Deep Sea Scuba Scooter  42  Diver   $12.89  May 2015 
60091 alt1 60091  Deep Sea Starter Set  90  Diver 2× (different types), Deep Sea Diver   $9.99  May 2015 
60092 alt1 60092  Deep Sea Submarine  274  Diver 2× (different types), Submarine Pilot   $39.99  May 2015 
60093 alt1 60093  Deep Sea Helicopter  388  Diver 2× (different types), Helicopter Pilot   $49.99  May 2015 
60095 alt1 60095  Deep Sea Exploration Vessel  717  Diver 4× (different types), Deep Sea Diver, Captain, Assistant   $119.99  May 2015 
61l87gFBOzL. SX355 60096  Deep Sea Operation Base  907  5   $99.99 / €79,99  2015 


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