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Space Police Log 03 Diner & Donuts01:09

Space Police Log 03 Diner & Donuts

Diner & Donuts is number three in a series of stop-motion LEGO videos on promoting the Space Police III line.


This stop-motion video showcases the criminal Kranxx. The Space Police Officers are meeting in a small diner, discussing the latest criminal activity. They are waiting to get their breakfast when their "waiter", Kranxx, comes by and drops them a bomb instead. The diner blows up, and Kranxx gets trapped beneath a pile of food. The Space Police Officers arrest him and ship him off to Space Police Central in a Space Police Cruiser alien containment chamber. The video ends with the main officer wondering where he's going to get his donuts from now on.


  • The chef's head resembles a troll's from Castle.
  • At 00:15, you can see that on one of the plates is the head of Zaktan from the BIONICLE playsets in 2006.

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