Dino Attack (Dino 2010 in Europe) was a theme released in 2005. Each set included futuristic vehicles fighting against mutant dinosaurs. It includes 5 sets of different vehicles and dinosaurs and is the third LEGO System theme related to dinosaurs. It had a team of 4 minifigures (Shadow, Digger, Specs, and Viper) trying to stop invading dinosaurs.


In the year 2010, strange mutant dinosaurs appear, and Shadow, Digger, Specs, and Viper must stop the dinos before it's too late! But these dinosaurs have abilities beyond what Digger thinks. Will the Dino Attack team stop the dinos? Or will earth be destroyed? To stop them, the members of the Dino Attack Team must destroy all of the dinosaurs.

Dino Attack Sets

Image Item number Set Number of pieces Minifigures Price Release
4293149 4293149  Kite, Dino Attack         2006 
7473 Box 7473  Street Sprinter vs. Mutant Lizard  42  DiggerMutant Lizard   $4.99  2005 
7474 Box 7474  Urban Avenger vs. Raptor  87  ShadowRaptor   $9.99  2005 
7475 Box 7475  Fire Hammer vs. Mutant Lizards  259  ViperMutant Lizard (3)   $19.99  2005 
7476 Box 7476  Iron Predator vs. T-Rex  278  Viper, Digger, Specs   $39.99  2005 
7477 Box 7477  T-1 Typhoon vs. T-Rex  605  DiggerSpecsViperShadow   $69.99  2005 
Parachute EL136  Dino Attack Minifigure Parachute    Viper     2006 
Sand set EL150  Dino Attack Sand Mould Set        
Chalk eggs EL151  Dino Attack Chalk Eggs        


Dino 2010

The Dino 2010 sets are slightly different from the Dino Attack counterparts. These sets take place after the previous sets mentioned, and are identical but instead of large weapons the sets are given grappling hooks and large cages for capturing mutant dinosaurs. The location also seems to have been changed from a ruined city to a deep jungle. This theme is closer to Dino Island than Dino Attack is, because of the locations and they capture the dinosaurs instead of killing them. Dino 2010 characters appear on My LEGO Network. These sets were only released in Europe, while Dino Attack was in North America and Australia.

Dino 2010 Sets

Image Item number Set Number of pieces Minifigures Price Release
7294 Box 7294  Dino Quad  39  DiggerMutant Lizard     2005 
7295 Box 7295  Dino Buggy Chaser  83  ShadowRaptor     2005 
7296-1 7296  Dino 4WD Trapper  283  ViperMutant Lizard (3)     2005 
Dnias 7297  Dino Track Transport  363  Digger


51Z1BH841NL SL500 AA300 7298  Dino Air Tracker  711  DiggerViperShadowSpecs     2005 
Sandmolds 4493464  Sand Mould Set - Dino 2010         2006 



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LEGO Dino Attack

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