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Dora is the titular character of the Nick Jr. cartoon, Dora the Explorer.


Dora is a one piece figure from the Dora the Explorer theme. She has short brown hair. She has light brown skin. She has dark brown eyes, a triangle shaped nose, and an open mouth smiling. She has a pink T-shirt, with short sleeves over the top of her arms. The rest of her arms are bare leaving them light brown, her hands are shaped so they can clip onto accessories. Dora wears a purple backpack (appropriately named "Backpack") over her shirt. She wears orange shorts, leaving a small part of her legs bare. She wears rounded yellow socks over her pointed white shoes.


Dora loves taking adventures, exploring the world. Dora is best friends with Boots, who joins her on many adventures. Dora has a cousin named Diego who occasionally joins her on adventures.