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Dragon Kingdom
Dragon Knights Flag
Release years:


Main theme:


Colour scheme:

Yellow, Orange, with a green dragon

Concurrent faction(s):

Lion Kingdom

The Dragon Kingdom is one of two main factions in the 2010 theme Kingdoms. It is presumably led by the Dragon Wizard since there is no Dragon King.


In Kingdoms, two antagonist factions are fighting against each other. Unlike the previous Castle theme where it is Crown Knights vs. Skeleton, and Dwarves vs. Troll Warriors, once again two medieval themes are fighting against each other; The Dragon Kingdom and the Lion Kingdom.

The Dragon Kingdom heavily relies on siege weapons and brute force. They are mainly offensive as opposed to the Lion Kingdom, which is heavily defensive.

Their siege weapons are reminiscent of the ones used by Cedric the Bull and his army, as well as the earliest weapons in the Castle Theme.

Dragon Kingdom is led by the Dragon Wizard and has an army of several Dragon Knights and many Dragon Soldiers.


  • Dragon Wizard - While it is unconfirmed, he is assumed to be the leader of the Dragon Army. He possesses magical abilities.
  • Elite Dragon Knight - A Dragon Knight who has the best weapons, armor and training.
  • Dragon Knight- A strong and mighty warrior who is higher than a soldier.
  • Dragon Soldier - A recruit for the Dragon Kingdom army.
  • Dragon Archer - A warrior that specializes in archery.

Shield Design/Coat of Arms

The shields of the Dragon Kingdom have a green dragon on an orange and yellow checkered background.


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