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This minifigure has only appeared in video game(s)
Although this article is about an official minifigure, it never existed in physical form, or appeared in any official LEGO sets.

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial



Elliott is a non-playlable nor non-physical minifigure from LEGO Dimensions released on 2016.


Elliott found E.T. when he heard strange noises outside and finally led the alien into his room with Reese's Pieces.

Elliott soon befriended E.T and the next day feigned illness so he could stay home to play with E.T. Elliott found out the Alien had an expendable neck and could breath underwater.

The next day, Elliott had to go to school. However, he unknowingly had a psychic connection to E.T. and did whatever the Alien did and felt whatever the alien felt.

During Science class, Elliott's connection made him release hundreds of frogs which were going to be dissected and told the frogs to run, claiming he was saving them. (Elliot did this because E.T. was reading a comic that showed a superhero rescuing an alien.) At home, E.T. then turned on the Televison and saw the movie The Quiet Man and saw the scene where John Wayne kissed Maurine O'Hara. The psychic connection with Elliott and E.T. caused Elliot to kiss a girl in his class who he did not really like or have interest in the same manner while the rest of the kids were going in panic because of the frogs, who were rapidly escaping the school.

Because he disturbed in the class, Elliott was sent to the principal's office and sent home, most likely suspended.

Then Elliott came home from school not having much memory on what happened at school and he came to his room and E.T. Said"E.T. phone home" and that was Elliott's sign saying he needs to go home.

The following day He rode his bike with E.T. To find a place to build the communicator and To get there faster E.T. Made the bike fly!They also crossed the moon and as soon as Elliott saw them cross the moon he Shouted with joy!

Soon after, he and his siblings help E.T. build a communicator to 'phone home'. The ship arrives the next day. E.T and Elliot share a hug before he departs. E.T points his glowing finger at Elliot's forehead and says "I'll be right here". As the ship takes off, it leaves a beautiful rainbow in the sky, with everyone looking happily at it.


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