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"Ha ha ha ha! Rise, my skeletal legions! Obey my commands and conquer the kingdom!"
―Evil Wizard
Evil Wizard

Castle (2007)


Wizard's Sceptre




Evil Wizard (also known as Mallock the Malign) is a Castle minifigure introduced in 2007. He only appears in one set and in the video game LEGO Battles as an unlockable character. He also appears in LEGO: The Adventures of Clutch Powers as the main antagonist.


Mallock's legs are red and black and have many markings. These include a tooth and a crystal. His body his red with black hands and has markings showing his robes. He has a black ragged cloak and a large collar type thing and a grey beard and a face with one red eye. On his head he has a wizard hat with a skull halfway up.


Mallock the Malign is the ruler of the Barren Wastelands. He lives in the Skeleton Tower, and is able to use sorcery to bring people back to life as his undead servants. He uses this ability to create his Skeleton Warrior army. He also appears to be controlling dragons with it. He later makes a deal with the Troll King and the Troll Warriors and uses them alongside his skeletons. He is shown to be capable of imprisoning the Crown Princess. The Crown King is his arch-enemy, but he prefers to let his underlings fight the King's army, as opposed to him doing it.

In LEGO Battles

In LEGO Battles his name is Wizard,his story revolves around his wife The Sorceresses who has died.His goal is to collect 3 Crystal Lighting Bolts to complete the staff his skeleton gave him and to revive his love once again.


  • Mallock the Malign shares the same face as a previous LEGO villain, Ogel, but with the pupils of his eyes added.


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