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Golden Viper
Chained Fang
Dark Axe
Sly Viper
Golden Constrictai Staff



"Cross me before my breakfast, you become my breakfast."

Fang-Suei (pronounced Fang-sway) is the strongest of the Fangpyre Soliders. Fang-Suei has a white coloured scaly snake-like body with red arms. He has a red coloured viper-like head, with huge spiky fangs and has red and black coloured scales on his chest and in between the outer layers of his legs, the top of his head is black with a distinctive white pattern. In a really hot and dry desert in the middle of a battle, Fang-Suei hallucinated in the heat of battle and mistook Fangdam for a enemy and accidentally bit him, which caused Fangdam to grow a second head.


Fang-Suei's head is red with two large fangs. The top is black with a white pattern. It is the same head mould as Chokun's. His torso is mainly white. He has red arms with white hands, and wears several fangs on a chain around his neck. He has red and black scales. Fang-Suei's legs are primarily white. He has very small red and black scales directly below his waist.


Fang-Suei is a soldier from the Fangpyre snake tribe. In the TV Show, he has a vampire-like voice. In the episode "Snakebit", he and Snappa turn junk in Ed and Edna's Junk Yard into snake-like vehicles: the Fangpyre Mech, Fangpyre Truck, Fangpyre Wrecking Ball, and Rattlecopter (these are sets 9455, 9445, 9457, and 9443, respectively). In "Can of Worms", he is seen in the Serpentine gathering underneath Ninjago City talking to Mezmo from the Hypnobrai tribe, who was a possible friend of his. He later appears in "The Rise of the Great Devourer", first manning a turret on the Serpentine Train, then driving a Bite Cycle (see 9447 Lasha's Bite Cycle for more) to combat the ninjas. Bio: This is a quote taken from Do not modify it.

Fang-Suei is the strongest of the Fangpyre soldiers and always quick to act on his general’s command. Fang-Suei is always hungry. Unfortunately, this makes him highly unstable in almost every situation other than battle. Cross him before breakfast, you become breakfast. When he gives you an order, your best survival strategy is to obey before he goes on another rampage. You rarely see him without an emergency stash of candy.


TV Series



  • On most of the pictures of the set 9455 Fangpyre Mech, Fang-Suei is seen holding a banana, when the instructions say to give it to Kendo Cole.
  • In set 9443 Rattlecopter, despite Fang-Suei being from the Fangpyre tribe, the staff of the Constrictai is included instead.
  • When Fang-Suei speaks in "Can of Worms" he has a slight Transylvanian accent, which could be a reference to the Fangpyre's vampire-like abilities.
  • He accidentally bit Fangdam in the middle of a battle, mistaking him for a desert slug, giving Fangdam two heads, like Fangtom.
  • He has the same head mold as Chokun.
  • His name is a play on Feng shui.
  • The 2012 January catalog states that 9455 Fangpyre Mech includes the Fangpyre snake staff, but the set doesn't actually include it.
  • In "All of Nothing" he commentates the Serpentine's celebration Slither Pit match.


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