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41075 Farran



2015 - present


Farran Leafshade is an Elves mini-doll figure released in 2015. He is an earth elf.


Farran is an earth elf - through and through. He is very grounded and has a strong bond with all earth and rock materials. Farran likes to see himself as the leader of the group, but he is really more a caring, nurturing type than captain material. He is very attached to his home and the plants he takes care of there.

  • Powers: Controls earth elements like soil, plants and rocks.
  • Strengths: He is a lot stronger – both magically and personally – than he thinks, responsible, kind, reliable, helpful, giving.
  • Flaws: Worries too much, can’t help but collect things, doesn’t always see social patterns clearly, very cautious in potential dangerous situations, gets in fights over leadership.
  • Skills: He has a special bond with nature (on land), can make anything grow and thrive, can magically “talk” to plants and animals, is physically strong.
  • Favorite things: Nature, plants, animals, musical instruments, seeds, bags, tools.
  • Did you know: Farran once fell asleep watching a plant grow. When he woke up, it had grown to six times his height and lifted him to its top. He had to build a rope ladder from its vines to climb down!


Gallery of Variants

41075 Farran

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