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Pinned Topics Last Edit Last Author
MoS Proposals19:42, November 13, 2012
Topic Last Edit Last Author
Overriding Images19:42, November 13, 2012CJC95
LEGO Wikis in other languages13:24, May 10, 2012DKK
Chat19:24, May 5, 2012CJC95
Themed Part Categories05:18, November 26, 2011Ajrbot
Logo Vote16:40, November 11, 2011UltrasonicNXT
READ13:02, November 5, 2011UltrasonicNXT
Bricklink in External info15:00, October 29, 2011King of Nynrah
Maintenance stats18:52, October 26, 2011CJC95
Major Revamp17:14, October 24, 2011CJC95
Shop descriptions15:50, October 21, 2011UltrasonicNXT
To do18:05, October 17, 2011NBP3.0
Coding Requests06:58, October 16, 2011UltrasonicNXT
Minifigures (theme) stuff03:19, October 16, 2011NightblazeSaber
Turning into...Social Networking Site?01:02, October 15, 2011Vel!
Two things15:56, October 11, 2011CJC95
Article reviews17:39, October 5, 2011UltrasonicNXT
Powicy Covewage17:56, October 4, 2011UltrasonicNXT
Bubbubbub Blog Revival00:37, October 4, 2011Captain Jag
Infobox Colours and Reformation17:41, October 3, 2011UltrasonicNXT
Sources to find!08:36, September 17, 2011CJC95
NEW group symbols!15:27, September 15, 2011UltrasonicNXT
Checkuser request13:03, September 13, 2011NBP3.0
Clear up Inventories11:19, September 11, 2011King of Nynrah
Part IDs17:23, September 9, 201186.173.38.60
Year template?19:29, August 26, 2011CJC95
MoS19:44, August 25, 2011UltrasonicNXT
Welcome Message16:43, August 24, 2011NBP3.0
Copyright Footer14:47, August 23, 2011UltrasonicNXT
List of Inactive Brickipedians19:57, August 19, 2011CJC95
Mainpage Update11:57, August 19, 2011Samdo994
New Policy21:05, August 7, 2011NBP3.0
Suggestion13:59, August 2, 2011UltrasonicNXT
Where does the 'Notes' section go?03:26, July 30, 2011Vel!
Chat boundaries20:44, July 24, 2011Vel!
A better Manual of Style for Part articles...13:45, July 23, 2011NBP3.0
Inventory Details (Please read!)12:21, July 23, 2011UltrasonicNXT
New editor!16:17, July 12, 2011NBP3.0
Editor Problems11:56, July 11, 2011NBP3.0
Top 10 lists14:46, July 7, 2011Ajraddatz
MoS Proposals00:06, July 7, 2011NightblazeSaber
Unrated inventories22:14, July 6, 2011Vel!
Colour Capitalization07:39, July 4, 2011NightblazeSaber
Chat enabled!20:56, June 30, 2011Ajraddatz
Encouragment Idea19:49, June 30, 2011CJC95
Define rating for Date Articles05:36, June 30, 2011NightblazeSaber
No License21:00, June 29, 2011SKP4472
Galleries22:46, June 27, 2011NightblazeSaber
Remove MonoBook MoS Box04:47, June 27, 2011Skdhjf
Ignore all rules19:35, June 19, 2011Vel!
Ratings Ideas17:04, June 14, 2011UltrasonicNXT
Ratings tweak00:10, June 14, 2011Mykheh
Part CA slump19:57, June 13, 2011SKP4472
Stuff19:58, June 11, 2011Agent Swipe
CreatePage19:02, June 11, 2011UltrasonicNXT
Forums16:38, June 9, 2011Samdo994
Putting two and two together16:44, June 8, 2011UltrasonicNXT
Pick and Take21:54, June 2, 2011NBP3.0
Voting Publicity02:39, May 28, 2011NBP3.0
Colours Update07:48, May 26, 2011NightblazeSaber
One step beyond....00:39, May 24, 2011Vel!
New Logo?21:36, May 22, 2011Vel!
Another grammar point08:23, May 22, 2011UltrasonicNXT
Theme layouts16:20, May 20, 2011UltrasonicNXT
Linking to LEGO's instructions?15:56, May 20, 2011NBP3.0
User Blog Policy?18:50, May 19, 2011SKP4472
Legends a subtheme?17:11, May 19, 2011NBP3.0
New Set Template10:41, May 19, 2011Samdo994
Signature Policy23:40, May 18, 2011NightblazeSaber
FA slump13:14, May 18, 2011NBP3.0
New Pages15:19, May 17, 2011UltrasonicNXT
Colourbox00:38, May 16, 2011NightblazeSaber
Protection policy17:30, May 9, 2011NBP3.0
Feedback?21:26, May 5, 2011NBP3.0
New Sidebar Element Being Tested19:20, May 4, 2011DaNASCAT
A vote14:40, May 3, 2011NBP3.0
Accessories10:53, May 2, 2011NightblazeSaber
Fully protected pages10:40, May 2, 2011NightblazeSaber
IRC policy16:16, April 19, 2011Lcawte
I have a cunning plan11:06, April 18, 2011CJC95
Redudancy14:37, April 14, 2011ShermanTheMythran
Secret codes?16:38, April 13, 2011Samdo994
Year problem02:56, April 12, 2011Skdhjf
Colours22:57, April 11, 2011Lego lord
Unknown year category21:24, April 11, 2011Byzantium 3000
Minifigures included09:58, April 10, 2011SKP4472
Spotlights17:45, April 9, 2011Vel!
Aftermath of the Ratings changeover19:26, April 6, 2011Captain Jag
Watermarks00:11, April 5, 2011Skdhjf
Signature stuff02:19, March 31, 2011NightblazeSaber
He and She/It17:48, March 24, 2011Skdhjf
Easy-to-reach forums00:36, March 16, 2011NightblazeSaber
Minifigure gallery texts21:16, March 13, 2011Lego lord
Making a consistent format for articles20:41, March 13, 2011Lego lord
Gallery22:33, March 11, 2011MillieMuddFan67
What to Delete16:40, March 9, 2011CJC95
Background information14:18, March 7, 2011Samdo994
Redoing the way we rate articles07:48, March 5, 2011NightblazeSaber
Cjc's thoughts on...21:09, March 2, 2011CJC95
Monobook Search00:12, March 2, 2011Skdhjf
Promotional Bricks17:50, February 23, 2011BobaFett2
Colour names04:03, February 22, 2011Lego lord
Consistency in articles18:13, February 17, 2011BobaFett2
Smile!18:11, February 17, 2011BobaFett2
Inventory images22:20, January 31, 2011BobaFett2
Brickify Template13:40, January 30, 2011Samdo994
Year Previous18:39, January 28, 2011BobaFett2
2011 sets in 201010:43, January 28, 2011NightblazeSaber
LEGO Company19:48, January 25, 2011NBP3.0
Singular or Plural?23:11, January 18, 2011BobaFett2
Linking to the part articles23:09, January 13, 2011NightblazeSaber
Template:Set header/special22:08, January 13, 2011NightblazeSaber
Set template22:07, January 13, 2011NightblazeSaber
LEGO Wear...Number and Nameless00:06, January 13, 2011Lego lord
Taking the Magazine idea: One Step Beyond14:32, January 12, 2011BobaFett2
Naming conventions (capitalization)23:27, January 11, 2011Lego lord
Template:External Info14:50, January 9, 2011BobaFett2
Difference between Bonus/Value Packs and Product Collections22:44, January 8, 2011CJC95

Archived forums

Topic Last Edit Last Author
New infobox style08:02, May 26, 2012NXTbot
More administrators?08:34, April 12, 2012NXTbot
Article comments08:34, April 12, 2012NXTbot
Green07:48, November 16, 2011NightblazeSaber
AbuseFilter02:04, November 12, 2011Captain Jag
Part galleries?07:36, November 7, 2011NightblazeSaber
User Rights Request going crazy17:45, November 4, 2011Ajraddatz
MoS proposals/CG Images03:17, October 30, 2011NightblazeSaber
MoS proposals/infobox price amendment01:58, October 16, 2011NightblazeSaber
All to get a Badge...11:44, October 8, 2011NightblazeSaber
Another bureaucrat?18:43, October 7, 2011Captain Jag
Underage Users17:11, September 8, 2011CJC95
Desysop User:Skdhjf01:44, September 8, 2011CzechMate
Links to Inventories, Instructions and Reviews09:14, August 26, 2011UltrasonicNXT
Video Game Level Articles09:12, August 26, 2011UltrasonicNXT
Circulation status09:10, August 26, 2011UltrasonicNXT
Toy fair photographs09:05, August 26, 2011UltrasonicNXT
Brick built animal articles09:03, August 26, 2011UltrasonicNXT
Part Infobox09:03, August 26, 2011UltrasonicNXT
Can a Checkuser help07:40, August 25, 2011Captain Jag

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