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Comment: We are fed up.

CM4S is already blocked, but I'm talking about a permanent block. He's been acting so mean lately. Look at his profile, too. It says he hates this wiki. On his ROBLOX profile, it says "Frick Brickipedia. That wiki is stupid anyways. The mods are too freaking r-tarded. I hope they can read this." He's also been talking behind this wiki's back on ROBLOX. I really think he should be permanently blocked. Aldendan Knight Forever Knight Time! the question is: is or is not


  • I think he did have a permanent ban before and got out of it, But for all the things i've seen him say and do i can say he needs a permanent ban so he can't insult or personally attack anyone again.Clone gunner commander jedi talk




  • Archived We are fed up with these forums. So what if he hates this wiki. That doesn't mean he can't come here. - nxt

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