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General Zod

Super Heroes
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Standard Suit
Combat Armour





“Zod is your master now.”
―General Zod's soundbite in LEGO Batman 2

General Zod is a Super Heroes minifigure that appears in LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. He is generally an enemy of Superman. He was released in 2013 with sets based on the 2013 film, Man of Steel.


Standard Suit

Zod has a black, pulled back hairpiece. His face has cheekbones, a goatee, black eyebrows, and two expressions. One is angry with red eyes while the other has a serious expression and normal black eyes. His torso is black along with his arms, hips and legs while his hands are grey. The torso is printed with silver embroidery, his emblem, a sideways omega symbol, the suit's muscular cut on his body, and his belt, made of a silver oval and stylized lining. The silver embroidery continues onto his legs.

Combat Armour

In his combat armour, Zod has a new helmet which is grey and rounded around the head, but juts out in the front with what resembles a silver breathing apparatus and a ridged, black surface beneath it. He also has grey armour which covers his torso and both of his shoulders. It has a ridged surface and silver embroidery. A black cape spreads out along the back of his suit. The torso is the same as his standard variation and his legs are the same. He also has the same face and hairpiece, which can be interchanged with the helmet.

LEGO Batman 2

In his video game variation, Zod has the same hairpiece as his standard physical one. His head is designed with a mask which covers his fore head and cheekbones, orange goggles over the eyes, and a fuller goatee. He wears a grey coat that extends down his legs.

He shares all of Superman's powers, including heat vision, freeze breath, super strength, and flight as well as his vulnerability to Kryptonite. During his boss battle, he is capable of hitting enemies hard enough that otherwise invincible characters, like Superman and Wonder Woman, will even lose hearts.



Dru-Zod is a Kryptonian, who tried to overthrow Krypton before its destruction. However, he was defeated and exiled into the Phantom Zone, an extra-dimensional prison, for 40 years by Jor-El.

Years later, after Krypton was consumed by the nuclear instability of its core, Zod was still unable to leave the Phantom Zone, but discovered the existance of the son of Jor-El, Kal-El. He and his second-in-command Ursa had a son, Lor-Zod, who would act as a gateway back to the normal world; when Kal-El (now Clark Kent) and Lois Lane would adopt him as their own (renaming him Christopher Kent), they were freed from the Phantom Zone along with their friend Non and went to the Fortress of Solitude, where they discovered a Phantom Zone projector along with an artificial intelligence of Jor-El. After beating Superman into submission with Non's help, Zod successfully unleashed other Zoners on Earth and used the projector on Superman, driving him insane. Before complete subjugation could be completed, Superman, freshly returned from the Phantom Zone and allied with Lex Luthor, fought Zod and Ursa while Luthor reversed the machine that was able to bring Christopher to Earth. While Zod and Ursa were sucked back into the Phantom Zone, Christopher sacrificed himself to close the portal completely.

However, Zod would not be contained forever. He was later freed to lead the Kryptonian Forces on New Krypton. When Superman ventured there out of curiosity, Zod's animosity towards him was kept under control. However, Brainiac was able to attack New Krypton, and despite Zod and Superman's best efforts, they could not hold Brainiac back. Superman was sworn vengeance upon by Zod, who led a 100-minute war against Earth's defenses. As their battle raged on, Christopher, who had freed himself from the Phantom Zone to become a new Nightwing, gave up his freedom to stop his murderous father once again, sending them back to the Zone.

Man of Steel

Dru-Zod was the head of Krypton's military and a friend of Jor-El. While Jor-El was trying to convince the council that the planet's core was going to collapse, General Zod, Faora, Car-Vex, Dev-Em II, Jax-Ur, Nadira, Nam-Ek, Tor-An and some unnamed followers of General Zod staged a revolution to overthrow the council, and tried to recruit Jor-El, who refused.

Zod wanted the codex to create an army and Jor-El stole it to secure the future of their race. Zod chased him to his home and learned Jor-El had a naturally born son Kal-El. Jor-El fended him off until his son's spaceship had left and Zod killed him in rage. Before one of Zod's ships can shoot down the rocket carrying Kal-El, Zod and his associates were arrested when the Sapphire Guards arrived. When Zod and his followers were brought before the Law Council to stand trial for their crimes, Zod and his followers were found guilty and banished to the Phantom Zone for their crimes. Before his banishment to the Phantom Zone, Zod vowed to Lara Lor-Van that he will get out of the Phantom Zone and find Kal-El. After Krypton's destruction opened a rift in the Phantom Zone, Zod and his fellow prisoners left the Phantom Zone in search of Kal-El after reverse-engineering the technology that had trapped them in the Zone.

Years later, he found Kal-El on Earth and issued a threat, Kal-El surreder himself within twenty-four hours, or Earth will suffer. He surrendered to Zod, and was brought aboard Zod's ship the Black Zero along with Lois Lane. Aboard the ship, Kal-El was weakened by the Kryptonian air and Zod attempted to recruit him and revealed his plan to turn Earth into a new Krypton, which he refused since it would destroy all humans. Zod then locked him up, read his mind and learned the location of Kal-El's arrival pod, hoping it contained the codex.

Zod threatened Martha Kent to reveal the location of the pod, she insulted him, and he attacked her. Enraged, Kal-El attacked, destroying Zod's helmet, and exposing him to Earth's atmosphere, overwhelmed, Zod retreated. Back on his ship, he learned that the codex was infused into Kal-El's DNA and Zod began his plan to turn Earth into Krypton.

However, the engines were destroyed and Zod's army was sent back to the Phantom Zone. Zod attacked Superman in anger and the two battled in the ruins of Metropolis. Zod promised that he will never stop punishing the humans for Kal-El's betrayal, forcing Superman to snap Zod's neck to save an innocent family.

In LEGO Batman 2

General Zod is a boss at the Metro Station (South). After his defeat, he can be purchased for 500,000 studs. General Zod is also playable on the portable version of the game.

On Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, if Superman is used to defeat him, an achievement/trophy named Kal-EI Last Son of Krypton worth 20 points with be earned.

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