Gentleman Ghost
Gentleman Ghost

Super Heroes
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Gentleman Ghost is a 2017 minifigure that will appear in The LEGO Batman Movie.



"Gentleman Jim" Craddock may have been a thief, but when he was caught, it was for a crime he did not commit. A lawman accused Craddock of a violent crime and had him hanged; it turned out nobody had commited the crime, but the alleged "victim" arrived too late to explain the lawman that she was safe and sound. Since his death was unfair, Craddock returned several years ago as a ghost to take his revenge on Hawkman, the reincarnation of the lawman who hanged him. In the meantime, the now named Gentleman Ghost has returned to his old ways as a thief.


  • The LEGO Batman Movie
  • 70921 Harley Quinn Cannonball Attack

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