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―Giant Troll
Giant Troll
Giant Troll

Castle (2007)


Tan, Sand Green, White/Silver Horns, Silver/Bronze/Black-Brown Armor


Brown or Grey Rocky Club/Drumstick


2007, 2008, 2009


Giant Trolls are creatures from the Castle theme.


Giant Trolls are strong and brutish but also slow and clumsy creatures. Originally seen in 7036 Dwarves' Mine, they are counterparts of the smaller and more feeble Troll Warriors. Giant Trolls are sometimes used for carrying war vehicles such as the 7038 Troll Assault Wagon.

Giant Trolls are allied with the Troll Warriors and thus are allied with the Evil Wizard and his Skeleton Warriors.


  • In 2012 a similar mould of the Giant Troll's hand and arm pieces were used in Lord of the Rings and Marvel Super Heroes, providing the Cave Troll and The Hulk their arms.
  • Unlike their counterparts (Troll Warriors), they come in different colours such as tan.
  • The spike number on a Giant Troll varies.
  • The Giant Troll can pick up minifigures sideways or upside-down in it's hand.


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