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Green Arrow
New52GreenArrow Unhooded 2015

Super Heroes
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New 52 (Comic-Con Exclusive), New 52


Bow, Hood


2012, 2013, 2014, 2015


Green Arrow is a Super Heroes minifigure. He first appeared on portable versions of LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, but was later made physically available, although in extremely limited quantities, as a Comic-Con exclusive giveaway. He then appeared as a playable character in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham and will appear in an updated physical form again in 2015 in the set 76028 Darkseid Invasion.


Green Arrow wears a tight, mostly green tunic. At the sides of the tunic, roughly around the muscular pattering, is a darker green section with diagonal, black lines to give the appearance of a ridged texture. Arrow has a strap with a golden latch at the end around his arm. At two points are light green lines with a gentle incline that emerge from each of the straps before taking a more drastic plunge and then finally returning to their original slant when they reach a seam in the center of the suit. The seam runs down the length of the torso to a golden belt-buckle, which is an oval with an arrow insertion, to his hips. There the tunic parts into two flaps which do not extend much further. The belt is black and of the same width as the straps. Two other straps emerge from the buckle and curve downward over Arrow's tunic until they reach the end of his leg. Beneath the tunic, Arrow has dark green trousers, knee-pads, and boots. His arms are bare and he wears earth green gloves.

An earth green hood is pulled over his double sided head, which has dark tan stubble and a smirk and on the other side a serious look. Over his eyes is an earth green mask with bright yellowish green eyes.

In the video games

IMG 3984

The Green Arrow as he appears in LEGO Batman 2

Green Arrow has a green hood and mask. He has a smiling face with a light beard of stubble. His torso is black, but mostly covered in green patterns. His "suit" is tight enough to show the cut of his muscles and has a belt running above his waist with an ornamental "G" as the buckle. His arms are green, decorated with lines to depict archer's gloves. He has black legs with green boots. His hips are also black and decorated with a continuation of the lines dividing the black from green on his torso and a small continuation of the green itself in the center. He carries a bow and has a quiver mounted on his back.

Green Arrow is unlocked for purchase after finding the first minikit in the level 'Wayne Industries' and can then be purchased for 200,000 studs.[1] He is playable in the Justice League training missions after completing story mode.

He is armed with his bow and is able to use the grapple ability, acrobatics, charge his attacks to destroy silver objects, use stealth to avoid detection, and hit several targets concurrently.[1]


Oliver Queen was the heir to Queen Industries and a vast fortune that came with it. However, at a young age his parents were killed. Ollie grew up into a disrespectful playboy. As an adult, he was assumed dead after an accident left him stranded on a deserted island. To survive, Ollie constructed a makeshift bow and used his natural affinity for archery to hunt and survive on the island. During his time there, he discovered a village which had been desolated by drug traffickers. Ollie was able to escape the island when the traffickers returned. He donned a disguise made from the island's fauna and grease from their ship. Using his bow, he managed to defeat them and return to the mainland, where they were handed over to the authorities.


From his time on the island and his experience with the traffickers, Ollie became hardened and developed strong political views. He took more of an interest in Queen Industries, using its state of the art technology to begin a career as the vigilante Green Arrow. His best known equipment is a collection of trick-arrows, which make use of a specialized gimmick to make them well suited for specific situations.

Green Arrow has been a core member of several iterations of the Justice League of America, often as the team's political conscious. Arrow's views have put him at odds with Hawkman, Batman, and Green Lantern, though he has been able to put aside his differences with Batman, for a working relationship, and developed a strong friendship with Hal Jordan. While in the Justice League, Arrow also met Black Canary, whom he fell in love with.

Arrow TV Series

Oliver Queen was the son of billionaire Robert Queen and Moria Queen. He grew up to be a very spoilt brat, not caring about anyone. After going with his father on a boat trip, the ship was sabotaged by Malcom Merlyn. He spent five years on Lian Yu where he met Yao Fei, Shado and Slade Wilson. He also found Sara Lance, who he thought to be dead. After defeating Edward Fyers, him, Slade and Shado where caught between Anthony Ivo and his quest for Mirakuru. After a explosion, Slade face was burnt and his health critical they found the Mirakuru and injected Slade with it. After Slade was presumed dead, Ivo took Oliver, Shado and Sara hostage and gave Oliver the choice of who lived and who died. When Oliver would not choose, Ivo pointed his gun at Sara and Oliver jumped in front of Sara to save her. Ivo saw this as Oliver making his choice and Killed Shado. Slade loved Shado and when he came back he had the Mirakuru in him, which as well as giving the user enhanced strength, speed, senses and healing, also makes the user mentally unstable and prone to phases of rage . After trying to take Ivo's ship, Ivo told Slade that Oliver chose Sara and let Shado die. Slade tortured Oliver and promised he would kill everyone he cared for. ARGUS destroyed the ship and Oliver put a arrow in Slade's eye.

Oliver returned after five years as Green Arrow, or "The Hood", to bring down those involved in the Undertaking. He came back with Diggle as his bodyguard and partner and Felicity Smoak has his hacker. He came across many villains like Huntress. When Slade returned as Deathstroke he defeated him only to find Ra's Al Ghul after him.

Video Game Appearances

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

Though he does not appear in the story, Green Arrow is a member of the Justice League and is playable character on portable versions of the game. He can be utilized to complete some of the side-missions.[1]

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Green Arrow is an unlockable character in LEGO Batman 3. His character token can be unlocked after completing a quest from Bat-Mite on the Watchtower, and purchasing the character for 300,000 studs.

The Arrow version based on the TV series of the same name was made available for purchase in the Arrow DLC.

Gallery of Variations


New52GreenArrow Unhooded 2015
New 52 (Comic-Con Exclusive Giveaway)New 52

Video Game Variations


  • Green Arrow's minifigures are based off of the New 52 comics.
  • In LEGO Batman 3, he is voiced by Stephen Amell who also played the title character in the live-action series Arrow in addition to voicing the Arrow variant in the Arrow DLC and Injustice: Gods Among Us.


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