Harley "Heart" McCain (also known as Heart) is a Clikits figure introduced in 2005. She is exclusive to the set 7533 Pretty in Pink Jewels-n-More.


Heart has white shoes with pink edges, she has a slighter pink colour on her socks, with hearts on the sides. She has light nougat legs leading up to a pink skirt, at the top of the skirt in the middle theres a golden heart. She has a turquoise top with light pink hearts on it, she has light nougat arms and hands which are on her hips, on her left wrist she wears a pink bracelet. Heart's head is light nougat, she has a grinning expression, she has pink lipstick, blue eyes with pink eyeshadow and black eyebrows. Heart has blonde hair tied in a ponytail, in the middle at the top theres a pink string, which can be connected to the Clikits pieces.