Background HB archives (re-vamp - CW S2 -red-) web page

The site's re-designed home page.

The Holo-Brick Archives is a project from LEGO meant to serve as a databank for every LEGO Star Wars set ever made. Each set has several pictures and all major information including minifigures, pieces, price, LEGO Shop@Home description, and year released. The site was launched on September 8 2009 as part of LEGO's site-wide re-vamp of the Star Wars sub-site on However, even though the site has officially been released to the public (with a link in the main menu), the archives are not yet complete, and still have many sets to be put up.

Copy of Promo-diff 2

The exclusive promotional brick given away at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con International to promote the archives.

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