Brickipedia is currently undergoing a change with the naming of part articles and this inventory lists parts that may have incorrect or outdated design IDs.

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ImageDesign IDColourQuantityNotes
6187 Black
6187 Black 1

3062b Black
3062b Black 2

3829c01 Red
3829c01 Bright Red 1

2446 Green
2446 Bright Green 1

2447 TrBlue
2447 TrBlue 1

3626bp03 Yellow
3626bp03 Yellow 1

970c00 White
970c00 White 1

973px240 White
973px240 White 1

2540 Red
2540 Bright Red 1

3022 Red
3022 Bright Red 1

6157 Black
6157 Black 2

3795 Green
3795 Bright Green 1

3069bpt1 1

30028 4

30027 4

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