Brickipedia is currently undergoing a change with the naming of part articles and this inventory lists parts that may have incorrect or outdated design IDs.

6833 Beacon Tracer Inventory
Part Number Part Description Colour Quantity
Part 2569 Antenna 8H Whip Transparent neon green 1
Part 4732 Bracket 8x2x1 & 1/3 Red 1
Part 4589 Cone 1x1 Transparent neon green 4
Part 3937 Hinge 1x2 Base Red 2
Part 3938 Hinge 1x2 Top Black 2
Part 3838 Minifig Accessory Airtanks Black 1
Part 2446 Minifig Accessory Helmet Modern Black 1
Part 2447 Minifig Accessory Helmet Visor Transparent neon green 1
Part 3962a Minifig Accessory Radio with Short Handle Black 1
Part 3626ap01 Minifig Head with Solid Stud and Standard Grin Pattern Yellow 1
Part 97c00 Minifig Hips and Legs (Complete) White, Black 1
Part 973p68 Minifig Torso with MTron Logo Pattern Red, White, Black 1
Part 2466p68 Panel 3x2x6 with MTron Logo Pattern Transparent neon green 1
Part 4081b Plate 1x1 with Clip Light (Type 2) Red 2
Part 4085b Plate 1x1 with Clip Vertical (Type 2) Red 1
Part 3023 Plate 1x2 Red 1
Part 3839b Plate 1x1 with Handles (Type 2) Red 1
Part 4590 Plate 1x4 Offset Black 1
Part 2420 Plate 2x2 Corner Red 1
Part 4600 Plate 2x2 Wheels Holder Black 2
Part 4740 Round Dish 2x2 Inverted Transparent neon green 2
Part 3039p10 Slope Brick 45 2x2 with Yellow Grille Pattern Black 1
Part 2412a Tile 1x2 Grille without Groove Black 1
Part 3069bp68 Tile 1x2 with Red and Yellow Controls Pattern White 1
Part 4288 Tire Balloon Black 4
Part 4624 Wheel Center Small Old Grey 4
  • Total parts: 38
  • Parts unique to this set: Part 2466p68

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