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This article is about a video game. For the theme with the same name, see Island Xtreme Stunts.
Island Xtreme Stunts
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Island Xtreme Stunts is the third and final video game in the LEGO Island series, released in 2002 and available on PC, PlayStation 2 and Game Boy Advance. A GameCube version was planned, but scrapped. It was a crossover between two themes, Island Xtreme Stunts and Studios. Description This is a quote taken from Do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

Pepper is back for extreme action!

Pepper's been hired to do the stunts in a brand new movie -- if the Brickster doesn't ruin all the scenes! Help Pepper drive, fly, jump, and skate through five extreme stunt games, while keeping the Brickster at bay. Plus there are puzzles to solve, cool trading cards to collect, and exciting sub-games to unlock in Pepper's awesome new adventure!


LEGO Studios has come to LEGO Island, and Pepper Roni has been cast the lead role in the latest movie, Xtreme Stunts. However, The Brickster has been released from jail somehow, and has also been given a role as the movie's villain. The Brickster-Bots are also now used as assistants in the movie sets, though they still cause trouble around the island. Most of the game is spent filming the scenes for the movie in minigames (side activities can be done in between filming events or after all of them). However, after the filming for the movie is finished, the Brickster reveals that he was using the movie as a cover for his latest scheme, and that the Brickster-Bots have built a computer tower on top of Space Mountain that will destroy the island. The Brickster then says that he has kidnapped the Infomaniac and taken him to the top of the tower, warning that if anybody tries to stop him, "The old man gets it". After Pepper drives across the island to the tower while being bombarded by Brickster-Bots, he scales the mountain and tower. Pepper faces off against the Brickster and the Brickster-Bots at the top while Sky Lane tries to hack into the tower's computer to stop the impending explosion. Pepper defeats the Brickster, and Sky arrives in a helicopter, saying she wasn't able to stop the program, but was able to change its effect. Pepper and the Infomaniac escape with Sky on the helicopter, leaving the Brickster on top of his tower, which then self-destructs. The Brickster is arrested and put back in jail, and Xtreme Stunts is shown at the theater.


  • This game is a combination of elements from the first two games.
  • Nearly all the problems with LEGO Island 2 have been fixed.


Set number Console Price
14556 PC US $19.95
14557 PlayStation 2 US $39.95
14558 Game Boy Advance US $29.95

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