Release years:

1994, 2001

Main theme:


Concurrent faction(s):

Imperial Guards, Pirates

The Islanders were introduced in 1994, and brought back in 2001 shortly. During the Imperial Guard era of the theme, they were loosely based on natives of the Pacific islands, and introduced a third faction into the theme. The Islanders were considered to be neutral, but were known to have pirate and Imperial prisoners. They have appeared in LEGO Battles, as an ally of the pirates.

The Islanders were based on their Enchanted Island, and had a smaller outpost at the Forbidden Cove. They used no firearms like the other two factions, but instead used bows, arrows, and spears, as well as traps. All sets were released in 1994, but Enchanted Island was re-sold again in 2001.

List of Sets

Image Item number Set Number of pieces Minifigures Price Release
6236 Box 6236  King Kahuka  42  King Kahuka   $3.99  1994 
6246 Box 6246  Crocodile Cage  56  2   $7.25  1994 
6256 Box 6256  Islander Catamaran  56  2   $11.99  1994 
6262 Box 6262  King Kahuka's Throne  141  5   $20.99  1994 
6264 Box 6264  Forbidden Cove  207  4   $29.75  1994 
Kahuka 6278  Enchanted Island  412  7   $65.99  1994 
6292 Enchanted Island 6292  Enchanted Island  412  7     2001 


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