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Jillian Holtzmann is a Ghostbusters minifigure released in 2016.


Jillian Holtzmann was a scientist that worked at a technical college with other scientist Abby Yates. After witnessing a ghost, she Abby, and Abby's former colleague Erin Gilbert team up to research the ghosts and capture them. More people join their team, former MTA worker Patty Tolan and somewhat dimwitted Kevin Beckman. As they research, they find that a mad scientist named Rowan North is trying to build machines to bring back ghosts and start an apocalypse. They realize that he has planted devices that intersect along ley lines and open a portal in a hotel basement. Holtzmann deactivates the portal, but Rowan appears as a ghost who possesses Yates and then Kevin. Eventually they defeat Rowan, saving New York.

Gallery of Videogame Variants


  • This minifigure appears to use a unique hairpiece.
  • Holtzman was portrayed by Emmy winner Kate McKinnon who also voiced Stella and Eva in The Angry Birds Movie.


  • 75828 Ghostbusters Ecto-1 and Ecto-2
  • LEGO Dimensions
  • 71242 Ghostbusters (2016) Story Pack

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