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Jophery Brown
Jophery Brown

Jurassic World



Jophery is a character who appears in LEGO Jurassic World.


Jophery, like many other workers, was a security guard for Jurassic Park.

He was the gatekeeper of the Raptor Pen, which was temporarily replacing the Velociraptor Paddock because the alpha-female killed all but two of her subordinates and was attacking the fences.

When the Big One was being transferred to the holding pen, she attacked the cage, sending it backwards, causing Jophery to fall over. Robert Muldoon tried to rescue Jophery, while shouting at the other workers to shoot the Raptor. Robert's grip started to slip and Jophery was pulled into the pen to his death, mauled by the Big One.

His family filed a $20 million lawsuit against InGen as a result of his death, the first of soon-to-be many.

However, in the game, the Big One instead tries to eat Jophery's hot dog and ultimately pulls it out of his hand, so hence Jophery survives in the game.


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