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LEGO® Ninjago. Cole is a Polish Ninjago book published by Ameet in 2011.

Publisher's Description

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Welcome to the world of Ninjago.

Dark clouds gathered over the peaceful as yet land. Consumed with lust of destruction - Lord Garmadon - with the help of his skeleton army tries to realize his evil plan of doom. However, Sensei Wu, the sage and master of Spinjitzu, knows how to save this world, but he needs to act fast... Just in time he manages to find four young apprentices whom he trains to become true ninja warriors. Will the brave heroes manage to face the power of Garmadon?

Meet Cole.
He is a true leader of the whole team, but also a reliable friend. He's extremely ambitious - he keeps on challenging the limits of his abilities, constantly trains and thinks over the details of every action. However, Kai, Jay and Zane are true individuals that are not used to taking orders. Will Cole find a way to make these strong personalities into a team that would defeat Lord Garmadon and the skeleton army?

The "LEGO® Ninjago. Cole" book includes: - thorough description of the main character - two fascinating stories by Greg Farshtey: "The Master of Earth" and "The Real Hero" - lots of details about the mysterious world of Ninja - Sensei Wu's riddles and a quiz concerning the main character


  • ISBN: 978-83-253-0774-5
  • EAN: 9788325307745
  • Size: 140x200mm