LEGOLAND Sierksdorf
Location: Sierksdorf, Ostholstein, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Website: N/A
Owner: N/A
Opened: 1973

LEGOLAND Sierksdorf was a LEGOLAND Park that was situated in Sierksdorf, Germany, that was opened in 1973. It was only open for three years before it was closed down in 1976.


Opened in 1973, LEGOLAND Sierksdorf was made possible as part of a joint venture with another regional park, and was the second ever LEGOLAND park to be opened. It included all the classic features of LEGOLAND Billund, such as a Miniland, a driving school, and a western area, but was shut down in 1976, because apparently the LEGO Group felt that its German partner did not pursue the same ideals that they did. The park was later modified, and turned into another theme park known as Hansa-Park, which actually included modified versions of several of the original LEGOLAND rides.


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