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LEGO Alpha Team
Alpha Team- PC
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Alpha Team


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Windows PC, Game Boy Color

LEGO Alpha Team is a video game of the Alpha Team theme which was released in 2000. It was created and distributed by LEGO Media and Digital Domain. There is no fighting in the game, though there are drones. The game is a unique strategy game where a player plots his agents to do certain commands.


Set number Console Price
5714 Windows PC US $19.99
5725 Gameboy Color US $29.99


Lego Alpha Team01:49

Lego Alpha Team

The opening scene for the game

LEGO Alpha Team Trailer01:13

LEGO Alpha Team Trailer


  • This game is known to have a technical problem when played on Windows XP. Each time it's played on XP, the music and voice clips have a glitch where they all loop continuously unless you mute them in the options screen.

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